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GREY.D’STUDIO is an Architectural Consultancy Firm working since 2013 pushed from highly imaginative design options that fulfill human, physical, technical, aesthetic, and purposeful wants. To deliver GREY.D’STUDIO begins with a pretty straightforward course: ask questions and hear fastidiously to the solutions. We need to perceive the wants, needs, and needs of every consumer to impact fully use structure and design to deal with every aspiration.

Our ardor is minimizing our impression on the pure atmosphere whereas maximizing our client’s constructed atmosphere. Our detailed consideration of elements from the earliest idea stage proper to the completion of a challenge persistently gives our client’s properties that exceed their expectations.

Where We Are Different From Others

Safety Esurance

We know, safety stands first in the construction industry because every year a lot of errors occur in construction industries which lead to several problems that don't have solutions. The outcomes of accidents or unsafe measures during construction can transform into something beyond a lost client or a fine. Sometimes it means up to a point that you can't return to your home and family. Safety should be marked and followed SO superiorly following the government wellbeing guidelines.

Maintain Time

Time management in construction means organizing activities and implementing conscious time frames for these activities. The main purpose of this strategy is to enhance the proficiency and productivity of workers. Our Project managers lead the team efficiently in implementing these techniques. The use of reliable construction schedule software is also a big factor in successful time management.

Save more time and beat deadlines with the help of Pro Crew Schedule. Enhance construction crew management well with it too so our project stays within schedule.

Ensure Quality

We help to choose better quality materials for construction. Our contractor, labor is specialized to maintain quality. We have the remarkable experience to maintain quality. For ensuring the quality we provide a site engineer, Project Architect & Chief engineer for ensuring project quality better.

Cost Effective Solution

We ensure our service is cost-effective. For ensuring quality we charge a minimum. In terms of materials choosing, Contractor selection we choose the best & not over-rated.

We don't charge extra. We try our best to reduce the cost as much as possible.

[Our Management Team]
Muhitul Al Kaisar



Rahamatul Aziz

Managing Director &
Principal Architect


SM Shamim Ahsan

Director & CEO


M M Tanim Hasan
M M Tanim Hasan

Head of Sales & Marketing


Mizanur Rahman
Mizanur Rahman

Director & Head of Project Management